2nd Generation

Frequency Data
RF Power
Low Cut
Key Lock
User’s Name

Power / Antenna Cascading Output Provided

Both power and antenna output can be
cascaded for easier installation.
(at least 10 unit can cascaded )
Interchangeable Capsule Module

JTS newest development SAM-8WLN capsule assures outstanding
acoustic performance while minimizes touching noise.
Interchangeable capsule design for various choices including some
classic capsule modules.

Low Cut Function
Low Battery Alert
Mute Alert
Prevent from low frequency
pop noise and wind noise.
Remind the user to change the
battery when the battery level
gets too low.
Remind the user that microphone
is in mute mode.
Sliding Cover Design
To prevent the user from
touching the setting key
It is designed with slot-in charging
feature with two AA NiMH
rechargeable batteries.


R-4 System NEW

UHF 4 Channel Diversity Wireless System

R-4 Receiver / R-4TH Handheld Transmitter / JSS-4A Handheld Transmitter / R-4TB Body-pack Transmitter

903DC Pro System

UHF PLL Dual Channel Diversity Receiver / Transmitter

US-903DC Pro Receiver / Mh-8800Gi Handheld Transmitter / PT-920BG, PT-920BGmi Body-Pack Transmitter

8001D System ( Gym Pack )

UHF PLL Single Channel Diversity Receiver / Transmitter

US-8001D Receiver / UT-16HW Headworn Transmitter ( Gym Pack )

64 System

UHF PLL Single Channel Diversity Receiver / Transmitter

IN64R Receiver / IN64TH Handheld Transmitter / IN64TB Body-Pack Transmitter


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