Conference System

Conference System

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Wireless Conference System Receiver / Transmitter

Designed with JTS newest wireless and conferencing technology.

CS-120 System

Digital Conference System

The CS-120 is a digital controlled system designed for large venue. The digital control technology assures stable signal level over large installation.


Control Unit

Main unit of the whole system. It provides all inputs and outputs needed to manage complex audio system.


The Chairman Unit

The Chairman Unit


The Chairman Unit

CS-120CHE is a simplified version of CS-120CH by removing voting function.


The Chairman Unit

The CS-120CH has extra functions besides those CS-120DU has. There is a priority key which can either mute or turn off all delegate units, or cancel all applying.


The Delegate Unit

CS-120DUE is a simplified version of CS-120DU by removing voting function.


The Delegate Unit

Both are flush mount design. All funcitons are the same as CS-120DUE and CS-120CHE but with
more competitive prices.


The Delegate Unit

The CS-120DU is the basic delegate unit. Under the control of CS-120CU there are 4 types of operation mode.


Power Supply Unit

The CS-120EXU Power Supply Unit is designed to provide extra power when the total number of delegate and chairman unit exceeds 90 in a installation.

CS-1 System

Analog Conference System

The i-Conference Discussion System is ideal for discussion and meeting with up-to 150 attendants.


Control and Power Supply Unit

Control and Power Supply Unit


Delegate Unit / Chairman Unit

CS-1DUF is a flush mount version of CS-1DU
CS-1CHF is a flush mount version if CS-1CH


Control and Power Supply Unit

The control unit is the center of the discussion system which controls the microphones of the chairman and delegate units as well as connects to other audio input and output.


Chairman Unit

The chairman unit not only provides the same function as the delegate unit, but also supports the addition of a “Priority button”


Delegate Unit

The delegate unit enables the attendants to participate in a discussion by speaking through a microphone