Portable Sound System

The AWA series provides all in one design. Up to four wireless receivers, CD player, built in digital echo, rechargeable battery and 8 inch woofer with piezoelectric tweeter are just a few to mention. Solid and defined sound renders the AWAs good for professional and entertainment.

Portable Sound System

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Multi-Position Portable Sound System

WA-1 multi-function PA system, with outstanding sound quality, is suitable for small live performance, events or home entertaining.

WA-8/Mh-8 NEW

All-in-One Portable Sound System

The WA-8/Mh-8 portable sound system provides almost all features one can find in the industry. Class D amplifier provides 60 watt with 4” full range speaker. Powerful and transparent sound can meet space for 200 audiences.


Portable Sound System

WA-35 All-in-One Portable Wireless Active Speaker / UHF PLL Handheld Transmitter